Swift River, MA in Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine

Swift River, MassachusettsThe January/February 2014 issue of Eastern Fly Fishing magazine features my story on central Massachusetts’ Swift River. Aside from being a fantastic fly fishing destination, the Swift River is also fascinating for its history. In one of the most dramatic events in Massachusetts’ history, the prosperous Swift River Valley became known as the “Lost Valley” when four towns were destroyed and entire communities displaced to create the Quabbin Reservoir. The resulting tailwater, below the Quabbin Reservoir, is now the state’s most popular destination among trout fly anglers, one that is both enchanting and challenging. The January/February 2014 print issue of Eastern Fly Fishing can be ordered directly from the magazine’s website. (A digital version is also available.)

Photo: A rainbow trout rises in Massachusetts’ Swift River. © Christophe Perez.