Surf, Skate & Snow: Contre-cultures

Surf, Skate & Snow: Contre-cultures, by Christophe PerezMy first book, Surf, Skate & Snow: Contre-cultures, was published this week by the French publisher Editions Courtes et Longues. Surf, Skate & Snow: Contre-cultures is an illustrated history of the culture of board sports from the 1950s to today. I wrote it in French — my native language —, and it is the first French-language book on this very subject. This 160-page book recounts how surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding have become counter-cultures whose influence encompasses the visual arts, photography, film, music and fashion. In addition to 12 chronological chapters highlighting the evolution and turning points of the history of board sports, the book includes 24 portraits of some of the most influential surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, musicians and artists. It also includes 172 photographs by renowned board sport photographers, and the cover is available in three different colors.

Surf, Skate & Snow: Contre-cultures has been selected by Fnac, France’s leading bookstores, as one of their recommended Christmas gifts. It will also be sold in all major book stores in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec, as well as on and, among other online retailers.