Surf, Skate & Snow Wins the 2014 Sportel Book Prize!

Surf, Skate & Snow, 2014 Sportel Prize, by Christophe PerezIt looks like the many years I spent skateboarding and snowboarding finally paid off. My first book, Surf, Skate & Snow: Contre-cultures, was awarded the 2014 Sportel Book Prize, which rewards the best illustrated sport books of the year. The prize was given by the French National Olympic and Sports Committee and was handed out by its President, Denis Masseglia, during the award ceremony held on October 8th, 2014 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. I was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony, but I was represented by my publisher in the person of Thibault Gendreau, editor at Editions Courtes et Longues. Thanks a million to the French National Olympic and Sports Committee for this prize!