Squam Lake, NH in Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine

Fly fishing on Squam Lake, New HampshireI contributed to the March/April 2016 issue of Eastern Fly Fishing magazine a six-page story and photography on New Hampshire’s Squam Lake, undoubtedly one of the most awe-inspiring lakes in New England and an outstanding destination to pursue smallmouth bass with a fly rod.

Squam’s picture-perfect qualities didn’t go unnoticed by Hollywood producers who, in 1980, chose the lake to film the movie On Golden Pond, starring Jane Fonda, Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn. On Golden Pond perfectly captures Squam’s shifting moods — from glorious summer evenings to foggy dawns when the entire lake is shrouded in an aura of mystery deepened by the wail of loons. It also captures Squam Lake’s appeal to anglers through several fishing scenes in which 80-year-old Norman (Henry Fonda) and 13-year old Billy (Doug McKeon) pursue a rainbow trout of legendary proportions that was even given a name — Walter.

I was drawn to cover this destination not for its trout but its healthy and prolific smallmouth bass population. For this, I embarked with Mark Beauchesne, the host of New Hampshire’s Wild Side on WBIN-TV. Mark is also an expert angler and a renowned fishing guide who specializes in warm-water species — particularly bass and pike — and claims Squam Lake as his favorite smallmouth destination. To book a guided trip on Squam or another New Hampshire destination with Mark Beauchesne, visit his website at fishnhguideservice.com.

For a stay on Squam Lake, I recommend the exquisite Inn On Golden Pond, in Holderness, NH. The timeless character and coziness of this bed and breakfast are only surpassed by the friendliness of the innkeepers, Bill and Bonnie Webb. Visit innongoldenpond.com to book a stay.

The March/April 2016 issue of Eastern Fly Fishing can be ordered from the magazine’s website. (A digital version is also available.)

Photo: Fly-fishing guide Mark Beauchesne angling for smallmouth bass on Squam Lake, NH. © Christophe Perez.