East Branch Westfield River, MA in Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine

Fly fishing on the East Branch Westfield River, MassachusettsThe September/October 2014 issue of Eastern Fly Fishing magazine features my story on the East Branch of the Westfield River. The Westfield was the first river in Massachusetts to be designated as a National Wild and Scenic River. Nested in the Hidden Hills of Western Massachusetts, its East Branch flows through the spectacular Chesterfield Gorge and offers seven miles of catch-and-release-only trout fishing through a wild forest of hemlocks and white pines, most of which is generally inaccessible by car. This is a destination of choice for all fly anglers in quest of solitude, wilderness and great trout fishing. The September/October 2014 print issue of Eastern Fly Fishing can be ordered directly from the magazine’s website. (A digital version is also available.)

Photo: Fly-fishing guide Ken Elmer on the East Branch Westfield River, MA. © Christophe Perez.